For Anyone Looking To Start A Digital Side-Hustle In 2022

Imagine Doing A Little Work ONCE...

And Getting Paid For It Over & Over Again!

Picture getting email notifications like these on a daily basis:

You've Got A Sale...

Pretty crazy, right?

Welcome to the new normal.

With your permission...

We'd love to let you in on a quiet "AI Revolution" where literally thousands of "ordinary folks" from different parts of the world and from all walks of life are following a simple plan to leverage Artificial Intelligence together with Affiliate Marketing to unlock multiple streams of automated income every day on the Web.

And now, you too can join in the FUN and CASH even if you don't think you're "equipped" enough to cash in.


As you probably already know, times are a-changing...

Today’s marketers know that in order to deliver the personalized experiences modern buyers expect, they must leverage the latest technology to become smarter and more efficient. AI provides the potential to augment and amplify a marketer’s knowledge and capabilities. Through AI’s ability to automatically process an infinite amount of data and pull insights out, marketing is now smarter than ever.

Contrary to popular belief...

You really don't need any specialized knowledge, skills or experience to start a Digital Side Hustle.

All you need is the willingness to follow very easy-to-understand instructions.


There is a definite heartbeat to the Web today...

...people are confused, frustrated and heading towards bankruptcy.

They're running up their credit cards searching for the Holy Grail of eCommerce.

And they're coming up empty.

Sounds familiar?

  • How can I quickly earn money online?
  • What is the best way to earn an income in the next two weeks?
  • Is there an easy way to really produce profits?
  • I'm a beginner, where should I start?
  • Is there something I can do TODAY?
  • I just want to earn an income that too much to ask?

They are being pushed and pulled in so many different directions that they just don't know which way to turn. "Join this" and "buy that" and "you need this" seems to be the only answers anyone is offering.

Until now.

It's true!

The Old Way

You suffer from information overload and get stressed out from having too many business tasks to handle.

The New Way

Artificial Intelligence & SMART Automated Business Systems handle most of the heavy lifting.


 Proprietary Marketing Frameworks

Portfolio of Income Streams


Private Community and Technology

"Get ready to stand under this money gusher and hold out a bucket, because unlocking automated commissions with AI has never been this easy!"

As part of our business growth and expansion plans, we are now accepting a limited number of "partners" to leverage our proprietary marketing frameworks, portfolio of income streams, tools, private community and technology.

This gives you the opportunity to earn highly lucrative commissions 24/7 and 365 days a year through Affiliate Marketing, without having to worry about any of the problems faced by business vendors.

All you need to do is plug-in to what’s already here, take action on a few simple steps, and you are on your way to ALL the SUCCESS you deserve.

You'll learn how to identify and promote state-of-the-art, cutting-edge products and solutions that have rewarding affiliate programs that you can sign up to, and profit ethically without having to put in the time, work, or expense of creating anything yourself.

Imagine a system that can bring in profits for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Imagine setting it up one-time, walking away from it...

...and letting it work 100% automatically.

And then watch your imagination become reality right before your very eyes.

Yes, it's absolutely true!

What we're gonna hook you up with, is both unbelievably simple and outrageously profitable.

You'll be able to set the entire system up in less than a week (actually in less than a day, if you want) and then profit from it for life.

That's right, once the system is in place -- it remains in place indefinitely.

I mean, can you visualize how good it feels to finally see your online money-making efforts take off like a short-fused rocket?

If you can cut and paste, you can use this right now.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an agreement between a vendor and an affiliate (you) in which the vendor pays the affiliate a commission for referrals generated through the affiliate's efforts to promote a uniquely assigned tracking link.

It works like this...

1) You join an affiliate program through their signup process. (Free)

2) You are immediately assigned a unique affiliate tracking link.

3) You promote the affiliate tracking link in a variety of ways. (More on this later)

4) You earn commissions on orders generated through your promotion.

That's affiliate marketing in a nutshell. You promote your "affiliate link" and get paid when people click thru your link and buy the the product you are promoting. It's super easy and super fast to get started. In fact...

You literally can be signed up for an affiliate program in less than 5 minutes!

We know it defies belief, but if you’re savvy and value maximum flexibility, maximum freedom and maximum automation, you'd be absolutely delighted to know that this robust, dependable, bankable new-customer faucet could be working for you in just mere minutes from now, supplying you all the visible proof you need in the form of authentic, real, unadulterated results.

No kidding – this is as ‘hands free’ as anything you’ll ever see online – And the result is you get to bypass the learning curve, eliminate the costs, save months, (perhaps years), of development time and just get started today!

With all the hard work and "heavy lifting" already done for you...

This could very well be the most powerful form of "growth hormone" you can bestow upon your bank account.

If you’ve been searching for a way to earn more income -- without having to stick to a schedule, report to anyone, or chain yourself to a desk...

This is it!

We're talking active, low-ticket, high ticket, recurring, passive commissions that add up to almost $1k per subscriber...

And you get the whole shebang.


Being able to leverage the stunning power of AI and marshal the most powerful Digital Marketing concepts into one unified, system which accomplishes all of the following simultaneously, and on pure autopilot...

  • Builds you a hyper-responsive list of rabid subscribers
  • Establishes authority, trust & credibility.
  • Delivers outstanding content and value.
  • Brings you FAT commissions in the course of making strategic recommendations

You'll be able to set up the entire system in less than a couple of days, and watch your imagination become reality right before your very eyes.

Here's Exactly What You Get

You get to legally COPY the actual Source Files to the exact, same 5-Page Funnel Framework we use in our business day in and day out to automatically transform cold traffic into warm, enthusiastic friends who are eager and ready to buy.

Like an automated sales machine.

And when you think about it, we think you'll agree that nothing else comes close in terms of economic value than having the ability to convert strangers into rabid, hyper-responsive subscribers, ready to whip out their wallets and credit cards upon command.

Here's how the Funnel Framework works:

You basically offer a FREE premium digital multi-part publication which sends your subscribers through a series of powerful email lessons distributed at regular intervals via autoresponders, teaching them the core tenets of Digital Marketing and how to make money online while you rake in commissions from strategic product recommendations as an affiliate.

The big idea is to offer high-quality content along with product and service recommendations, creating a varied portfolio of income from low-hanging fruit type offers, recurring revenue, high ticket webinars, etc.

But even more important than anything else is this: Everything in this funnel has been strategically and painstakingly designed to as a launch pad for you to "springboard" into a leadership position and establish you as a "trusted voice" in the market where you get powerfully positioned and deeply etched in the minds of your subscribers as THE "go to" source and preeminent authority.

You'll instantly standout, and your subscribers will:

  • Hungrily open every e-mail …
  • Implicitly trust you and every marketing message you send them …
  • Eagerly act on your recommendations to purchase your products, and …
  • Send your open rates, conversion rates, sales revenues and profits through the roof!

But Wait - That's Not All!

You'll even get our done-for-you, AI Traffic System.

A step by step traffic getting system where you can understand it in the most simplest format, apply it effortlessly and cash in massively...


After having tried just about every possible way to attract website visitors known to man (the good, the bad, and the embarrassingly silly)...

We have finally boiled it all down to one single system...

A system that's so good, that sends so much traffic (quality traffic), that we can finally say:

This is the best website visitor generating system we know of.

There is simply no better way to get traffic to your funnel.

And The Best Part Is...

Virtually all of the “hard work” has already been done, tested and drawn out for you.

All you have to do is "plug-in" your name, affiliate links, make a few customizations, and you're good to go!

… not only that, it can all be automated via autoresponders – making it a true set and forget moneymaking machine.

It seriously doesn’t get more “Hands-Off” than this…

Based on this entire blueprint, complete (fully integrated) master design schematic, it's easy to see the entire layout of how everything fits together to produce the ultimate result/outcome you are continuously after.

And the more you think about it, the more it's easy for you to realize that this is, without a doubt, the master Digital moneymaking “game plan” you have been missing all your life.

The bottom-line: With this much value, you simply can't go wrong with this opportunity...

Get Commissions AI Now Before The Price Rises!

And get ready to jump-start the kind of success that puts a whole new world of Internet success at your fingertips. Literally overnight.

As far as I'm concerned, the ONLY way you won’t earn money almost immediately… is if you don’t try.

With these keys to the kingdom, you'll instantly become more potent, more powerful, and more poised-for-wealth

And it all begins now.



Simply click on the "Add To Cart" button right now and you'll be whisked right to our private member's area where you can get all the resources, templates and training you will need to take advantage of this incredible business system so you’ll be able to hit the ground running almost immediately!



Getting Commissions AI is 100% "Risk Free" -- Guaranteed!

Simply click on the "Add To Cart" button right now and you'll be whisked right to our private member's area where you can get all the resources, templates and training you will need to take advantage of this incredible business system so you’ll be able to hit the ground running almost immediately!

(You Get Instant Access - Doesn't Matter If It's 2:00 AM)

Congratulations - and welcome to the family!

We'll see you on the inside.

Yours For Next Level Digital!

Jo Han Mok
Jo Han Mok
Chief Provocateur, Digital Transformation Pros

P.S. Can we legally guarantee that you will make more money than you have time to spend, upgrade your entire lifestyle and turn your life into the living paradise that it is for us?

Probably not.

But we don't feel right keeping you money if you're not making money either.

So here's the deal: We'll let you try it absolutely risk free on OUR TAB for the next 30 days and if for some bizarre reason you aren't totally convinced this is the best  investment you've ever made and you want it back...

You've got it.

And you can keep this resource as our way of saying "thanks for being adventurous and taking a chance."

No questions, no weasel clauses, no drama.

We're always cool no matter what, ok?

Of course, the chances of this happening are between slim and none as you discover a whole new world of fascinating possibility that no one knew existed...